We are able to provide a customized solution crafted for different business operations while maintaining high standards and without compromising controls because we have partnered with one of the world’s leading cloud-based software, ERPNext, and combined it with our extensive knowledge of various industries.

Authorization and approval matrix

✓ Multi-Level Authorization

✓ Email, SMS and Whatsaap notifications


✓ Customized Dashboards

✓ User restricted Dashboards

✓ Top level management Dashboards

Financial Accounting

✓ Banking and reconciliation

✓ Journal and Recurring Scheduled Journals

✓ Payments and Receipts

✓ Petty Cash

✓ Financial Reports

✓ Multi Division and Accounting dimensions

Inventory Management

✓ Multi Warehouse management

✓ Accuracy in stock levels

✓ Real time stock data

✓ Various reports on stocks

✓ Stock reconciliation with physical stocks

✓ Stock replenishment and reservation

Sales Management

✓ End to End Sales Cycle

✓ Export and Sales

✓ Tracking of Orders at various stages

✓Tracking of lost orders

✓ Tracking of Partially delivered orders

✓ Sales by Territory and Salesmen

✓ Dispatch tracking

✓ Various Reports

Supply Chain Management

✓ End to End purchase Cycle

✓ Import and local purchase

✓ Landed cost management

✓ Supplier payment management

✓ Tracking of Purchase orders

✓ Automating orders based on production

✓ Re-Order levels

Customer Relationship Management

✓ Lead management

✓ Lead cycle tracking

✓ Salesman performance Tracking

✓ Integration with social media platforms

Manufacturing and Production

✓ End to End production cycle

✓ Seamless production process tracking ✓ Made to Order

✓ Made to Stock

✓ Production plan

✓ Material and Resource Planning

✓ Production performance Tracking

✓ Multi process production

✓ Waste Management

✓ Analytical Reports

Quality Management

✓ Quality inspection

✓ Tracking of Quality process

✓ Reports

Taxes, VAT and Withholding Management

✓ Automated VAT calculation and posting

✓ Region specific VAT setup

✓ Withholding posting and matching

✓ Seamless change of VAT and withholding Rates

✓ Import and export of CVS file

✓ Reports

BI “Business Intelligence”

✓ Slice and Dice reports

✓ Multiple Dashboards

✓ Query based reports

✓ Insights

✓ Presentable templates

✓ Reports auto ema


✓ Whatsaap

✓ Telegram

✓ Facebook

✓ Instagram

✓ Multiple Ecommerce Sites